Ivanna Lin

50 Iterations: General Dynamics


50 Iterations: General Dynamics  

illustration | poster design

Inspired by Michael Bierut's 100 Day Challenge, I challenged myself to make an iteration of a vintage print piece every day for 50 days. The following designs are 50 iterations of Erik Nitsche's cover design for General Dynamics Annual Report in 1955. Some of these are created in less than 30 minutes, some I spent hours. The goal is to get out of my comfort zone and attempt a style that I’m not used to but also to form a habit of designing every day.

Here’s the original design:


Nitsche is a designer from the 1950s, who has strong eyes for color and shapes. He often played with the juxtaposition of elements. As simple as his designs look, Nitsche's style is hard to take on. His meticulous study of design elements is impressive and a different approach than what I'm used to. Throughout these 50 days, I was able to adapt his unique technique and make it my own.

As a final product, I printed all of the designs into postcards and packaged it in a customized container.