Ivanna Lin

Boston After School & Beyond

Boston After School & Beyond

illustration | digital design

Boston After School & Beyond is a nonprofit that partners with after school programs to expand learning and skill development opportunities for students. It provides many tools and resources for these after school programs to ensure every child in Boston has the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential. I worked with Boston After School & Beyond to execute the design and branding of two initiatives: Skill Badges and PRISM.

Skill Badges
Skill badges are used to measure and validate students’ skill growth. Each badge has a uniform set of skill-based criteria students must meet to earn one. I designed the four main badges and the digital icons that are served as milestones on their digital platform. The badges are also produced as physical pins that students receive when they’ve earned the badges.

PRISM stands for Program Report for Improvement and System Measurement. It is a data report that all after-school and summer programs receive as part of Boston After School & Beyond’s service. It summarizes the results of programs' measurement activities (e.g., program observations, student surveys, and staff surveys) so that the programs can study the data and make improvements. I rebranded PRISM with a new logo. The logo is inspired by the ACT skill flower that they already have as a visual icon to represent all of the key skills they’re examining. The logo represents how PRISM is taking a deeper look into these skills through the use of data analysis. In addition, I designed all of the digital icons used on the online report.